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Hi Nicky & George, I hope now that you have had a few days to digest some of the comments on all of the talks that you realise that “the shit load of hours” you and George spent planning this amazing summit, has given the listeners and me a “shit load” of knowledge, entertainment and strategies to begin the life long journey of accepting ,living and dealing with anxiety. You have given me the hope, inspiration and courage , at the exact right time in my life, to befriend my anxiety, to tackle my anxiety and to be a better form of me before I let it consume my life for years. This summit has been an absolute gift! Maith Sibh! Go raibh míle maith agaibh. Ni thuigeann tú a difear a dhéanann tú do dhaoine.


I just want to thank

I just want to thank Nicky and his friend so much for the effort they have put in to create this incredible summit. I have spent my evenings after work watching as many as I could fit in and I can honestly say this has completely changed the way I think about my anxiety. Such amazing speakers and I have taken so much from it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so so much.


General feedback

Great series. Candid open and unique speakers – was very encouraging. Thank you for putting this together with so much heart and commitment.



Thanks for your hard work in putting this event together. […] I learned so much from all the speakers, including yourself. You are a very genuine person


I really appreciate the time

I really appreciate the time you spent putting this summit together Nicky. It was great to see the raw talk from everyone instead of just hearing the doctor versions of anxiety. You also had a great variety of speakers so we could find the ones that applied the most to us.


Edward Dangerfield

Amazing talk, I can relate to everything that Edward talked about, it’s opened my mind to understand the effect that trauma can create on the body. Thank you so much for sharing this 🌷


About the whole summit

Hi Nicky, Greetings from Australia. Thanks so much for organising this event. So thoughtfully curated. My daughter (16) experiences extreme challenges with her anxiety and so many of these speakers have shifted my perspective and created enough space for me to have more of an optimistic swing in my hip (is that a thing), as we navigate Covid after a year of her being agoraphobic?! Crazy times.


Dr. Jonathan Kuttner’s interview is an eye opener!

Dr. Kuttner’s interview is a MUST for everyone. I learned so much regarding the correlation between our brain and pain and anxiety. I have already started to become more aware of where I allow my attention to focus – and now I am learning to redirect my attention so that I don’t “feed” my pain and anxiety. I love the Anxiety Support Summit and am thankful to all the Speakers and everyone involved.


Brian Pennie is fascinating

High five to Brian Pennie for not giving up and for living a life of meaning and passion. I picked up some really useful insight and tools to help me keep moving toward my best life. Brian’s interview reinforced the knowledge given to me by Nicky Cullen and as always I am grateful.


Loved Conni Biesalski’s insight

I have struggled for years to verbalize what I am desperately seeking in my life. Conni’s very first question blew me away as it is exactly what I am trying to accomplish. Her question is:

How can we live a life of purpose and create meaning for others while being at peace with ourselves?

Profound……now I need to find my own answers to that question. Thank you Nicky for bringing us these outstanding speakers like Conni Biesalski.


Very informative and well explained.

Very informative and well explained. I already knew a little about how your brain registers pain due to a keen interest in neuroscience and psychology but I have never understood the physiology of psychosomatic symptoms. It’s amazing how purely understanding how your body and brain works is a massive step in recovery.


Truly Superb!

As a Wellness Coach for years, I was surrounded by some of the finest healers. I have to say, thus far this conference material is truly superb. Thank you ever so much.


Hana Jung

Dear Nicky, I just saw the interview from the download package with you and Hana Jung. I don’t know her, but your interview style really convinced me: it is short and to the point. Thank you both for this precious time be – also me – valuable role models in this time of change. Thank you very much for your presence and openness. Sincerely. Ann


Nicky Cullen

Can’t thank you enough! I had a problem with a panic attack and my anxiety, I can’t sleep, think, and feeling miserable all the time. And I know I need help. I reached out to Nick and we had the most worthwhile conversation. I like the way he responds and explain to your problem, it makes much easier for me to speak and express how I was feeling. He also gave me a module that can help you to get your freedom and trust me it works! Thank you, Nick! 🙏


Nicky Cullen

I had an accident followed by a full blown panic attack that left me terrified and thinking there was something seriously wrong. Friends were trying to help, but it wasn’t helping. Admittedly Nicky is a friend, and I knew he did this work, so when he told me we can take a stroll and take care of this right now, I didn’t hesitate. I can honestly say 30 minutes later I was back to normal with a massive sense of relief. Of you ever get a panic attack, do not hesitate to get this man’s help.


Nicky Cullen

Having been lucky enough to meet Nicky in Bali, he was naturally the first person I asked for help when a series of negative experiences threw my anxiety into overdrive and my normal methods for managing failed.

After our first call, I immediately felt confident and assured that I could experience anxiety in a different way. With Nick I have gained new and unexpected perspective on difficult situations, and have learned how best to navigate them with a tangible set of techniques from his online course.

I highly recommend Nick to anyone who needs a down-to-earth, structured, and practical approach to recovery.


Nicky Cullen

I had the opportunity to work with Nicky via Skype starting about a year ago. I’d stumbled upon some of his articles while trying to understand my own bouts with anxiety. I loved his writing style from word one. And I loved that he’s speaking from personal experience. I don’t want to knock anyone with credentials only but I believe personal experience should be high on the list of requirements if you’re looking for some help. My anxiety has come and gone throughout my life and has often peaked during times when everything was going right which is counter intuitive I can imagine to anyone without the experience. I don’t have any classic reasons for my anxiety. I don’t have a family history or work history or relationship history or money history to blame. I’ve been very fortunate. Nonetheless I needed someone who could relate and shed some light. Nicky’s seen it all, heard it all and lived it all. He doesn’t tell you what you want to hear. He tells you what you need to hear. And more often helps you figure it out for yourself. Nicky helped me take some steps I needed to take. I encourage anyone who is looking for any level of help with this stuff to read Nicky’s articles and see where it takes you. I feel very good about recommending Nicky and wish you the best with your life.


Nicky Cullen

Working through the Free Your Mind course has been genuinely valuable. It has helped me gain insights about the root of what I’m dealing with and given me the structure and support I have needed to make real lasting changes. Happy to say that working through the course has made a huge difference and anxiety is finally f*cking off. Would definitely recommend.


Nicky Cullen

Arriving at a place in my life where I was literally one step away from a breakdown, I desperately searched the net for some help with the Anxiety I was suffering in the workplace. I was not in a good place and after suffering for as long as I can remember with a General Anxiety I stumbled upon Nicky Cullen’s post titled ‘Work has me crippled with Anxiety. Is it time to quit’ from The Mission. Everything I read rang so many bells that I wanted to find out more of what this guy had to say. I signed up for the micro course he was offering which then led on to a phone call with him and the full course which I enrolled in. To say I was comforted and relieved was an understatement. Finally I had found someone who actually ‘gets it’. After reading umpteen self help books I still felt alone and lost with self-pity and actual dislike for myself. The ‘why me’ and feeling of failure was huge. Nicky helped me in a way no book, course or doctor had ever done before by encouraging me to see that instead of fighting this Anxiety monster within me I was to simply accept it and cut myself some slack! We are not brought up to think this way but only to repress these feelings which then manifest into greater issues. The course had some tough modules where I addressed things which I had swept under the carpet for years, but without getting to the root of the problem I wouldn’t have got to where I am today. I am still on the journey but now have much more compassion for myself and other sufferers.
I would advise anyone to invest in this course as the benefits are a hundred fold. I have learned how to ‘breathe again’ and properly, as for me this was a major factor which lead to secondary symptoms. I feel empowered now that I have a imaginary toolbox to use in situations when the feelings of Anxiety arise. I know they will never disappear completely but through this course I have learned to recognise and observe the triggers rather than fight them. In doing this I can use the coping strategies such as meditation and breathing exercises to help the bad stuff just pass through with less physical effects. So thank you to Nicky for investing his time in me and my fellow sufferers. There is light at the end of the very long tunnel finally! 🙏🙌


About Nicky …

I reached out to Nicky in Bali last year when i was having bad panic attacks. To be a far from home with not huge amounts of support around me was pretty challenging. We talked for a solid hour on the beach one afternoon – the comfort and ease of the way he drives conversation made it much easier for me to speak and express how I was feeling. The perspective and tools for anxiety that he shared were really enlightening and beneficial and even now his newsletters bring me a lot of grounding!


I’m 15pages in at 2am and I can’t stop…

I’m 15pages in at 2am and I can’t stop reading. I’ve cried and laughed & held my breath, because for once it’s making sense in a way that it never had before. Thank you.


Dr. Kuttner

Just finished watching Dr Kuttner’s talk. What an amazing explanation of what is going on physiologically. I’ve known for a while there is a psychological component to my pain, but this explains it on a whole other level I’ve never understood. And this just made so much sense. A penny definitely dropped.


Nicky attracted the right people

Dear Nicky, your presence is so astonishing. You attracted the right people to this summit! This summit will raise awareness for anxiety and help so many people – it will definitely make a big change. Thank you so much!